Friday, June 17, 2011


So I recently started playing this game since I've been bored over summer and it is actually better that I originally thought. It's like WCIII but more focus on the champions than the things you can build. It's pretty fun and I'd rather play it than something like WoW or SCII.

My only problem lies within the fact that the servers are down a lot. And it always seems to be when I want to play the most. Oh well. I still continue to play as long as they continue to keep making skins like these:


  1. I don't really like this game. They need to improve alot on it.

  2. actually its pretty balanced and it has anawesome gameplay!
    many improvement will come;)
    ++follow your blogs its nice!

  3. Never played it a lot of my friends like it though.
    Iv played a bit of HoN which is similar but gotta buy it.

  4. LoL is a lot of fun if you don't get idiots on your team. Games like this are more fun with friends.

  5. I love this game, I'm actually in queue now!

  6. Still has quite a bit of downtime. As with a lotta folks, I'm just waiting for dota2 to be released and to come down half-price