Friday, July 15, 2011

The Psychology Game

I'm not a critic, nor do I pretend to be one. However, that's why I think a review from someone like me is a bit more useful than smoeone who does this professionally.


Because, critics are meant to look at certain aspects of a game when reviewing. Then continue to give it a rating. But to the average gamer (imo) really just wants to be entertained. That's why I play anyway; to have fun in some way shape or form. I'm not worried about the small details but at the end of the day, if the time I spent on the game was worth it.


Today I'm looking at a game called Epic Mafia.

It's just like any other mafia game where the village/town is trying to kill off the mysterious mafia members. There are a wide variety of roles (30+) that keeps it fun.

But the thing I like about it most is the small community. I often see the same people online and it makes the game more fun. It's like getting a PSYCH degree without going to college really. If you actually get good at this game, you will get good at being able to to tell if people are lying or not. Much like Tim Roth in Lie to Me. Unfortunaely, that show got cancelled, but, you can still live your dream as a Dr. Lightman in this free game.

Play Here!!


  1. Haha this reminds me of the mafia game I used to play with my friends. Nostalgia. I'll check the game out. Followed.

    Be sure to check out my blog as well! Cheers.

  2. Used to play Mafia in IRC all the time! Thanks for the nostalgia, maybe I'll look into it!

  3. I love mafia games :), nice posto, following.

  4. played it for a short time. fun at first, then got dull

  5. I'm going to play this when I have time. Useful review thanks!

  6. I love "Lie to Me", i'm checking this game!

  7. Looks really complicated and interesting. Thanks for sharing! :)